6 date opinion?

Hello, I would be grateful if you could give me your opinion on my situation.
Met a guy three weeks ago, and so far we've gone into 6 dates. He organized all of them: drinks, drinks and watch a monolog in comedy bar, dinner and cinema, going to watch a musical + dinner + sleepover without sex and during the 6th one he showed me around the city which are the important spots for him (where he grew up, school, grandma's place...).
All dates were amazing and lasted around 5h.
Yesterday, in our 6th date we ended up going home together again and talked for around 3h and he told me he is looking for something meaningful and that he was amazed with me from first date and that hasn't dated anyone else since then. Finally, we made love which was amazing.
For me everything looks fine except that yesterday after sex he had a shower and left because today he starts night shift in the hospital and wanted to be awake all night and then sleep during day whereas I had to go to sleep to be able to wake up early and there was no point in being me sleeping and him awake.
He left and sent me this text:
"I just got home safe, I was thinking about you the whole way. Thank you for yet another wonderful day. I really can't wait to see you again, and I'm excited for what the future holds for us"

I guess it looks fine but for me was a bit concerning that he left so promptly. What do you think? Has he only used me or he geniunely left for professional reasons and might be a potential partner?

Sorry for long text... all your comments will be very appreciated.


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  • Based on the amount of effort he's already put in and the fact that he's not been push about wanting to have sex, I think it's very unlikely he's used you, also if he was using you why would he bother with the lady message to say he got home ok.

    Maybe try saying something like "The other night was so great, I wish you could have stayed longer" next time he may stay a bit longer or explain a bit more why he has to go.

    Honestly by the sound of things o don't think you have anything to worry about.


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  • I don't think he used you, unless what he wrote was a big, fat lie.


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  • this is definitely more than just using you. he seems to really like you to have 5 dates before intimacy.

  • He is really into you.. and looking forward for something serious..

    • Even if he left that fast after sex?

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    • I already asked him and told him that I felt upset he left so fast after first time making love, and then he replied that he thought that's what makes more sense as today he starts night shift at hospital so he needed to stay up all night yesterday in order to be able to sleep today during the day and be in good shape to work at night, whereas me, as I had to go to work early in the morning, I had to go to sleep and get a good rest. That there was no point in him staying and me going to sleep while he has to be awake.
      Is that a valid reason? I think it is but still it made me feel kind of betrayed.

    • It really doesn't seem to be a valid reason at all.. You are the one who must have been more worried coz you had work in the morning..

      Seems like he is trying to hide something off you!!!

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