Why is he ignoring me?

I was seeing this guy last year & we were dating. A disagreement here or there, but I was the one who had to make contact after one. He has quite the ego. However, when I said I wanted a relationship (which we informally had already), he got distant.

After that we had contact, either fighting/joking around. One time we had a massive fight. He said something hurtful, so did I. I eventually apologized. He didn't. A couple days later I had drunk text him, and he was obviously still hung up about my dig from our fight. The following day (sober) I said that my drunk messaging was embarrassing, that I'd be block him on everything to prevent that in the future.

Two months go by, no contact from either of us.

After that I txted him, he was fairly neutral but replying with a question back. but I'd end the convo. I'd wait a few days before the next one, eventually he "warmed up". Our texts were flirty. He was out one night & drunk dialled me 6 times, which he never did before. I didn't answer. The next days he would ask if I would be out those evenings, planning to see me. He'd respond fast/ double texting. I couldn't attend though. We didn't see each other. All of a sudden, he started to ignore me, but swipe yes to me on Tinder a couple days later. I said to him, I don't mind being in contact again, but not when he only feels like it, i. e the drunk dials. He could invite me out for a drink or delete me. Read and never responded, but never deleted me.

A couple days later I invite him out for a drink. Said if he wasn't interested, no pressure. No response. I said it was disrespectful to ignore me, and if he was afraid of confrontation, that he didn't have to worry about that, and that I "don't bite" ;). Not a nagging text, that I'd appreciate a response, They all were fairly light hearted and happy as it could be, but setting a line that I wouldn't be a bootycall. Again, he read it and didn't reply.
So I sent one last one saying "Okay. Well I'm okay with the fact you aren't interested. Take care, and all the best :)". Read. No response.
Was he only trying to sleep with me? Was he not interested? Or is he/ was he playing games? Our messages after no contact were over the course of three weeks, so I wasn't texting him obsessively. After being ignored, he still watches my snapchat stories. Whats he thinking?


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  • in my oppinion, this much ignoring isn't the best. he probably had a good time when with you, but doesn't see things working out. let him go and move on. less damage will be done that way than if you would wait and torture yourself with thoughts of what he's thinking


What Girls Said 1

  • Probably because he is not into you anymore.


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