Guys why do you pull away when you start to like a girl?

I've been talking to this guy for a couple weeks now. He was really into me in the beginning, he invited me to hangout 4 days in a row and we went on a couple dates. But the next weekend he was a little distant. He still asked me what I was doing that night but didn't make as much of an effort. We hung out that Saturday and he was being a little rude at first. We were upstairs in his house and his friends were having a party downstairs and he told me I should go downstairs and have fun and I'll probably get hit on. But then he asked me to stay upstairs and watch a show with him. We needed up downstairs at the party together and he hung out with me all night and was super flirty again just like before. Why was he suddenly withdrawn for a couple days though? Why do guys pull out when they have feelings?


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  • It could be a lot of things , first , it could be commitment issues , second , it could be a test , for example , saying you should go downstairs and get hit on , to see if you would say something like ' i would rather stay with you ' he could be jelaous , and is afraid of getting hurt 🙂

    • Should I talk to him about it or just give him some space and come to me? What is best. I don't want to push him away or scare him off

    • You are not coming to strong if you wish to talk to him about that , my advice is that communication is the key to good relatioship , if you dont talk to each other , you are escaping problems that clearly exist , by talking , you are resovling them in a healthy way and it will enhance your relationship :)

  • even girls do pull away


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  • We girls do it too though. It's just... trying to be careful.


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