Is this guy interested in me or not?

We have been talking since 5months. Slowely we have gotten closer. We work in the same job, since we met he's been showing every sign of interest. he would giv me rides often. he asked for a date in the second month. it was ok because I'm shy. few weeks after I invite him to see a movie at my house then we makeout. he picked a movie out a guy that wants to date a girl he's friends with. we still talk, get closer, I tried flirting once but he was quiet in text. I invite him to eat with me, he agrees, it goes better, we still talk n text everyday, then he came to my house again to see a movie n talk then makeout n we dryhumped. both times I don't let him go further, he stops. we got mad for a minute bout something in text but right away forgave each other. now he texts me more n is super flirty. now he's saying more things to me like it slips my mind at times r u an angel. but y hasn't he hasn't invited me on dates? the makeouts hav stopped. we talk about anything all day. but flirts n shows interest to me more in text. It's hard for my to have a boyfriend. always something bad. im scared to b rejected if i ask him what we r. He just came one day in my life, so I never expected any of this to happen. Is he taking things slow or what? since the first day we met he did eeverything do get my attention he liked me a lot. he gets jealous of my guy friends, he would talk in a soft sweet voice and a million other things.


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  • not really.


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