Is just really like to know?

I have pretty bad teeth and I'm extremely selfconscious about them. its genetic in my family and I'd like to get them fixed but I just don't have the means at the moment. once people get to know me it doesn't seem to be a big deal to them but I wonder how much it distracts new people that I meet and weather or not someone will find me attractive or not BC of them.


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  • it really bothers me when someone has bad teeth. it's nothing personal to that person. I just get this tingling feeling on my neck when I'm talking to someone with bad teeth. It's even a phobia for some people. just keep up the great personality and it shouldn't be a problem for most.

  • It depends on how bad they are

    • they have chips and are broken in some places and one of my canine teeth is way out of place.

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    • thank you. that honestly means more than you know.

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