He's seeing a friend instead of going on a date with me. Should I dump him?

So me and this guy were organising a second date. He said he was free Tuesday evening and also this weekend and would like for me to come see him (and welcome to stay over at his). I said Tuesday and this weekend should be okay (politely said I wouldn't stay over). He then mentioned he was planning on seeing a friend on Tuesday evening but could always rearrange. I told him not to cancel plans with his friend (even though I was secretly hoping he would) ... didn't receive a text all weekend and now it turns out he's seeing his friend! Should I even bother seeing him in this Saturday? I don't even drive and i'm going to have to take a train and a bus just to get to his town. It takes 2 hours on public transport when it only takes 40 minutes by car.


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  • NO. NO. NO. You never tell a guy to not cancel with a friend. He will 100% listen to you and think you are a sweet and understanding ideal girl. You cannot be upset about this. Guys take things at face value. Reading between the lines comes only once we understand the person, not by the second date.

    • Well he asked if I wanted to stay over at his (optional) but I said no. I can only assume he just wants one thing.

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    • So maybe ask if you can plan Saturday. That way you can make sure its somewhere you are comfortable

    • Both of I got valid points here all possible.
      Just see how it goes with next date.

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  • Nope. He knows his friend for a long time and you're only a girl he has been dating. It's not like he is in a relationship with you in order to put you as a priority. Give him another chance.


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  • i would sounds like he was expecting sex and you noot being able to make it had him get another girl and him telling you was his plans to get you to co e over for sex with him over the girl he is going to have sex with. that is really pointless of him.

    • I'm sorry but that made no sense? Could you rephrase?

  • I'd say cut him slack this time but next time its his job to come up with the plans for the date.

  • If you want be to a bitch by all means yes


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