Does she not like me?

so I met this girl last summer at the beach. In less than a day we clicked so fast, she even asked me out on a date. But like every summer romance it came to an end. We go to different colleges in Pa and NY. We lost touch for a few months but then started talking a lot around Christmas. And she invited me to stay at her families house. We had an amazing time, went ice skating and held hands and stuff. But before I left she wanted to have a talk. She said I'm what I need in her life, that I'm funny, spontaneous and outgoing but it was too much too fast. She said maybe we could try meeting up halfway for the day in the future cause she's never met someone whos wanted to love and take care of her. i sent her a long text when I got home, thanking her for letting me stay at her house glad we had the talk blah blah blah. But now it's weird, she seems like she's lost interest. I don't know if she said all that stuff to let me down easy because she barley responds to my texts. I only keep in touch every few weeks to see how she's doing, so I'm not bothering her all the time. I don't know what happened... should I move on? Call her out on it? Ask to meet up halfway like we talked about. Or just wait till this summer rolls around and see if things change.


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  • Yeah she doesn't


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