Ideas for boyfriends birthday?

I've planned to take him out to dinner, and was planning to take him to the movies to see one he really wanted to see. I didn't tell him my plans. Because it is supposed to be a surprise. It turns out he went to go see the movie on Saturday night, the same day I was going to buy tickets. Now I have no idea what we should do! I don't want to go eat and not have any idea on what to do afterwards and end up being bored and doing nothing. I don't want him to have a lame birthday but I just can't think of anything else.


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  • U are 16 hmmm
    That makes it small list from my imagination.

    :/ I would say take him to his favorite place and tell him I want to learn it.

    Like he love gaming go to his cyber cafe and learn.

    If it is football.
    Go to the field and same learn.

    Wear something covering and under it super sexy.

    Take it off :D tell him happy birthday. U can put a cup cake with candle there. Tell him chose birthday cake or me to eat.


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  • Laser tag, bowling, mini golf, hiking, make him a cake, give him a massage... it doesn't have to be something extravagant I'm sure he'll appreciate anything you do for him c:


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  • Do you know how to cook? Maybe try to figure out what his favorite meal is and make it.

  • Why don't you want to go to eat with him?

    • I do want to still take me out but I want to do something after.

    • I really don't know what you and / or your boyfriend like, but maybe do something like bowling, order some food there, go home and do whatever you want to do?

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