I want self respect?

so my long distance girlfriend and i have been talking for 3 years. over thise 3 years there have been 4 times in which she's gone silent. the 1st time was because i never had plans to visit her so she felt what was the point. the second time was because i made plans to see her but then got accepted into uni and had to cancel, third time was right before i was going to visit her for the first time ever this last January and she said that it was because she was nervous about me coming. the first 2 times she had stopped talking to me for a number of months and the third she ignored me for about a week. Now I've been back from my trip from her country and things were going great for about a month, then about 2 weeks ago we stopped talking to eachother for about a week. i tried to message her and again it was ignored. waited a few days and sent her a snap video she responded saying wed talk the next day and when i mssged her the next day again ignored all while she was still posting snaps of her having fun. a week has gone by and she sends me a snap pic. i haven't opened it yet its been almost a full day. her friends got engaged the day she sent it too, wondering if that made her want to talk to me again :/ How do i get her to stop going silent. I dont want to just run back to her everytime SHE decides that its ok to talk again which is why I haven't opened her snap yet but I also dont want to lose her. How do i gain her respect without scaring her off when confronting her about this situation? thanks guys!


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  • I am under the impression that she probably wants to break up with you. If I were you I would have already confronted her about it.

    • if she wanted to break up then why is she still trying to contact me?

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