Who should I pick?

Okay so I don't have much dating experience, and I've already created a mess. I legit don't know what I'm doing.
But I was talking to this older guy, he's 6 years older than me. And I had been talking to him for two months, but he still hadn't asked me out even though he'd told me he was in fact interested in me. And we tell each other secrets about ourselves that we don't tell anyone else. However he's kind of still living with his mom and all that and doesn't seem to want more in his life than his shitty job and room in his mama's house. Which I dislike. However now he's actually like "You know what, we can try it and see how it goes" But he only recently decided that after my friend (whose like a brother to me but works with the dude) told him that there was another guy trying to date me now.

Now this other dude I've "kinda" seen a few times over the course of months. He's a customer, and after like the fourth time he saw me he asked for my number, he looked about my age and was kind of OBVIOUSLY flirting with me, so I was like "He's cute, why not. Obviously not getting anywhere with other dude anyway." So this guy actually took me out on a date almost right away, and wants to go out again. And he's moved out of his family home to take care of his grandmother, which I can totally respect. And he's pretty accomplished. THIS DUDE COOKS, AND knows electrical work, carpentry, and he can work on cars. Now I don't know how good he is at carpentry or electrical work, but he's a cook at a restaurant, and he helped me fix my car. And he's just friggin hilarious. Feels almost like he's too perfect for me though, and if there isn't anything wrong with him then I'm worried because he could do A LOT better than me. like A LOT. But he's also said if he can't get a better job here then he's gonna have to move back to the original state he came from for better opportunities. Which again, I respect this ambition, but it also means he might be leaving.

What do I do? HELP? D:
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Oh and I forgot to add that the second guy I mentioned is only 1 year older than me.


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  • so your complaint about 1 guy living with his family who has a crappy job vs another guy who lives with his family with a crappy job? wow okay then. now 1st guy isn't going anywhere but then decided to possibly improve, 2nd guy could be leaving. honestly it sounds like your trading the same guy for the same guy

    • Well the fact that he lives with his family does kinda bother me for how old he is, but the real problem is that it felt kind of like he was just stringing me along until he heard some other dude was interested

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    • He's supporting her financially, like his grandmother isn't totally helpless, she can cook for herself, get around alone, but her vision is kind of bad so he'll drive to the grocery store and stuff for her, take her to the doctors and things of the like. So while he's working she just stays in and she's generally fine. But she still needs that help, so I don't know there's just something more noble about it as compared to the other guy whose just living at home because he doesn't feel like moving out

    • ahh, I gotcha. but bottom line still living with family non the less. well I would weigh in each pro's and con's. I Def would suggest not rebounding to the next guy. if you do break off with current give yourself some space a cooling period before committing to new guy since the grass is always greener on the other side.

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  • Honestly, it sounds like you are more interested in the second guy while the first guy, you're probably more suited to being close/comfortable friends. The second guy you really like, you're interested in, it's just the risk of him leaving. I say go for it, perhaps he won't leave, or you could try long distance if he did leave. The first guy, it seems more like a close friendship, you don't seem that into him, it's almost just a we're comfortable and have been talking for a while so I guess he deserves to be considered.

    • I guess that might kind of be it. I just don't wanna hurt anyone either

    • I think you should also decide how you feel towards each of them. If the first guy started dating someone, how would you feel? If the second guy started dating someone, how would you feel?

      Only after you know how you feel can you make the best decision for yourself and go about this in a manner that doesn't hurt them. Since if you dated guy one but turns out you only saw him as a friend, there's a chance that he might be hurt when you break up with him because he's really only ever going to be a friend.

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  • What ur heart tells u.
    Who do u get them spark with.

    U should go with that

  • A bird in hand is better than two in the bush! ;)
    Just a small piece of advice :P

  • You like guy B more.
    Why would anybody tell you to choose guy A?

    Choose what you like best.

    • I haven't really known the second guy that long though and as I said, he might leave

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    • I just don't wanna string anyone along, that's cruel

    • lol.

      strategy and cunningness are part of this life, this is not an happy comedy, it's different.
      A "man" who waits MONTHS to take a step and does it only when you see another one is, well, a man I don't like.
      You don't, either.

      On the other hand, you know guy B is, how shall we say, more volatile and easy to disappear.

      So, you want to secure a partner, or enjoy life? The choice is clear, and I wish you good luck

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