Do you think this pickup line I thought of to use on Facebook is good?

I know that you probably get hit on a lot by random dudes and that you are annoyed by it, but I still hope that you read this message.

I was just looking for a mutual friend when I saw your pictures. You have a really inviting smile and it seems that we are interested in the same stuff. I don’t want to be creepy, but somehow I just had to write this message.

I would be happy if you would reply. If not, I respect your decision.

From there if we message and hit it off I can start flirting and ask her out.
Anyone else like it?


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  • Personally I dislike messages like this from guys so I don't think so

    • It's better than "your hot" or "let's meet". It's a way to say your interested without jumping the gun.

    • I disagree often times it comes off as creepy

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