What does the term female friend me? Is just simply a friend whose female?

I was trying to see if my male crush (x) was dating anyone. So I asked his best friend super casually if he was out with his girlfriend on Saturday cause I know he went out for drinks with a group of people. He said he was "with a friend who is a girl but not a girlfriend I don't think". Then I asked "Lol what does that mean- early stages of dating or just a female friend?" And he said female friend. Does that just mean a friend whose female? I know he does have a lot of friends of the opposite sex.
Also to clarify his best friend has no idea I like him so he would be honest with his response no to spare my feelings. What do you guys think?


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  • To me that is a female who is my freind. There are no romantic attractions between us. I am just friends with her and won't start dating her. We go together well but we would not do well dating wise.

    I normally use it to specify when my freind is female. When a guy or girl says freind every one always think same sex freind. Sometimes you need to specify that it is a woman who is a freind.

    I say go for the guy see if he would like to go on a date with you!

    • Would his roommate and best friend now if he's dating someone? It's just confusing when I said if he was with his girlfriend his first response was friend who is female but not a girlfriend I don't think. And then later when I asked him to clarify if he was dating this girl or just female friend. He said female friend. Why didn't he just say that off the back? Why the "i don't think"

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    • You mean they only think to contact current friends not old ones?

    • No usually a lot of people don't think to put out the effort to contact their friends. After a while they just loose contact.

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  • Yep, just a friend who is female.

    • But isn't it kind of confusing what he said? Cause first he's like not a girlfriend I don't think. Then he just said female friend. Why didn't he just say that in the beginning

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    • It's normal to feel that way. You see a guy you like with another woman, it is only natural to feel a bit insecure or unsure of where you stand. All you can do is try and talk to this guy.

    • Thanks. I didn't even see I wasn't Out that evening. This is all just via text Through his best friend

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  • That is exactly what it means.

    • So do you think his roommate is dating someone or no based on the convo I had?

    • No, I don't think he is.

    • It's just confusing cause at first he's like a friend whose female not a girlfriend I don't think. I'm
      Not sure why he said that then

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