He calls me Darlin'. Does it mean anything?

I started seeing this new guy and we've hit it off really well. Our relationship is very intimate (not in a sexual way at all), in such that we have a very strong emotional and mental connection. We haven't had sex because we wanna take it slow and have a solid foundation to build on, but we do kiss and love cuddling with each other.
He calls me darlin' every now and then... especially when he's expressing care/concern or when he wishes me good night or good morning. And it makes me smile.
He was born and raised in the south, and just moved to the west coast about 5 years ago, so I'm thinking this might just be a southern thing (?) Truth be told, I've been called all sorts of "endearments" but never darlin'... so just curious. I've never dated a country boy before! :P


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  • I wouldn't look too much into it if I were you.


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  • I have clients who are old ladies who call me darlin, it's just old school way of talk.

  • Calling someone "Darling" is showing affection towards you. It means they care about you. x

    • Yea, he does care about me and he's told me he adores me.
      That's another thing - adore. No one's ever said, "I adore you" to me before.

    • sweet. x

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