Why is he acting like he likes me but then saying he doesn't know who he likes?

Whenever we talk to each other the eye contact is intense, when we're not talking we'll look at each other. I walked into class the other day and he was literally watching me. He is also obsessed with my grandmother. I'm not even joking. Whenever I'm on the phone to her he always wants to talk to her (he even knows her name) Me, him & a friend took a photo & my hand was on his arm & he didn't flinch. Then I was kind of leaning my head on the back of his shoulder and he grabbed my phone from my friend & took a photo of him smiling & I was leaning into him. When we were about to leave, he accidentally hit me and he goes 'oh sorry' and hugs me. He's accidentally hit me before and would just say sorry. As we were walking out he accidentally hurt me and he hugged me again - this time it lasted longer. He then said 'It's better now I've given you a hug" This happened all in about 5 minutes. I know he's the type that doesn't take hints and would rather you be upfront about your feelings, as he's told me before. I noticed he's been acting differently around me recently so I asked a few friends and they've noticed too. One of my best friends is also his best friend and she told me that she knows he likes me because when she asked him if he did he avoided the question and was smiling (he done that with his other crush before). He also does stupid things liking hugging me for no reason. He told one of his best friends that he likes someone in his science class (I'm in it), he doesn't really speak to many people in the class except me and a few others (the rest are in relationships). My best friend told me to tell him how I felt, so she told him "___ likes you" he said "Oh ok" so my friend said "So do you like her?" he was avoiding the question & said "My head's all over the place. I don't know who I like. I don't like anyone" He then admitted that he lied & he did like someone. Normally if he doesn't like someone he says no straight away. I really don't understand him.
He's a flirty person but my friends have noticed that he treats me differently from everyone else and has changed around me all of a sudden.


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  • Maybe he didn't feel like discussing it with your best friend. Probably knowing best friends tell each other everything. Why don't you tell him how you feel?

    • I'm afraid of what he'd say. I can be a very awkward person. Plus what was said earlier has kind of made it worse and I really don't want to ruin our friendship.

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    • He's kind of ignoring me but I've been told he's been that with a few people. I spoke to one of his friends and she said his heads all over the place right now and he's gotten closer to a lot of girls and he's not sure who he really cares about :/

    • One of my friends told him

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