I'm in love with two guys?

hi everyone, please help me as I really don't know what to do. I dated a guy for about three years and we broke up until recently. We loved each other a lot — we still do — it was very passionate but we argued all the time and we just couldn't stand each other at the end and we were both miserable.
So we broke up three months ago.
While I was dating him, and as I travelled abroad, I met another guy with who I clicked, but nothing happened since I was already in a relationship. But we did keep in touch online. Now that I'm single again, I'd like to date that guy. But I can't help feeling weird and guilty about starting a new relationship. I indeed still have feelings for my ex although I'm not sure if it's love or affection, and I know he still loves me and wants to us to get back together as he messages me all the time. I still love him too, but I really want to change a bit and date someone else. So I thought maybe I could go back with my ex after dating someone else for a change, but that's just so weird. I really don't know what to do, I like them both. I feel super guilty for my ex because he gave everything for me, and I can't help thinking a new start might be good for us but I really wanna date someone new for a while... Please help me!


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  • Pick the second guy. To quote Johnny Depp, if you loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second. Or get in an open relationship or some crap like that.


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