What can I do, as I am stuck in a self-destructive cycle?

Here is the situation...

I have some social anxiety, that sometimes impacts my social life. I sometimes cannot even speak to women, because of it.

One way to overcome it, would be that if I had a girlfriend... However, women don't like anxious men.

Can you help? Please be honest, and take this seriously... This is NOT a 'troll', or a trick question. Also, please leave out the 'loser' or get a life/girlfriend' remarks. Those are not helpful, but rather crass, immature, and insensitive.

I ask, because I heard that a bloke was in a somewhat similar situation... He was in his late 20's, never had a girlfriend, and had crippling anxiety. However, he had sex with a stranger. After that, his anxiety was gone, got a girlfriend within a month, and got engaged after a few years of dating.


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  • why are you anxious? do you think you are anxious enough to need medication? you need to get to the root of your crippling anxiety and address it.

    • Depends on how tired I am, where I am, and who I am talking to.

      I don't want medication, as I would grow a dependance. I do manage to controlling my anxiety, by only talking about things that I know about.

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    • absolutely. but you're working on it, and that's what counts. that level of anxiety doesn't disappear overnight, there's no cure. you just have to slowly chip away at it. it won't ever be fully gone... but you will have an easier time in social situations.

    • Well, thanks for the support. :)

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