Girls, You found a cute guy but there is a catch, what is your move?

As the title says you found a cute guy, for sakes of argument let's say European, 7.5/10, 5'7" (170 cm), bit Nerdy but a total Closet Daredevil & Badass.

And as you concluded that you found a hidden gem, and maybe ponder a bit why he is single all that becomes irrelevant until the "strings attached" portion becomes clear and you learn that he is an ISTP.

Now to those who don't really know ISTP is often viewed as cold, aloof, indifferent, non-romantic and essentially a logical monster. But even truth all of their downfalls they are rather loyal, straightforward and honest people

So if you met this type of a guy, what would be your move? Would you bail or attempt to form a relationship with such a man?

Note: Please feel free to be creative and express how you actually would act should such event present itself, however please share a realistic opinion not some overhyped fairytale.


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  • i guess it depends on your personality type in that case. if you think you can handle it, then go for it. like me i can't, cause il too sensitive. whenever i try to be with a guy with that personality i always get hurt

    • May I ask what's the cause is? Is it the emotional distance and lack of communication as well as lack of proper emotional expression and lack of much if any romance, and the constant feeling of not being up to their standard?

    • in my case he bluntness would hurt my feelings, . and i woild take him to be a in-sensitive personn which may nit be the case. i think for me it's more of a lack proper emotional expression. cause i want a guy to be romantic and show me that loves me by constantly showering me with his attention, so if he doesn't think that it's necessary, there we have a huge u

    • But you know bluntness can be a positive thing, instead of feeding you false information they present the information as-is, it all it's raw glory. ISTP aren't exactly in-sensitive, they just lack ability to properly express emotion which is often hidden by a cold and uncaring look, but deep inside they hold some degree of care and hold boiling and raging feelings, that they just happen to be unable to put into words or express. But I see your point, it's a rather valid reasoning.

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  • he sounds sexy

    • Interesting, does the ISTP "string" not really turn you off bit/much?

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    • thanks

    • You're very welcomed.

  • My friend is an ISTP, he's a very loyal boyfriend as what his partner has told me. I wouldn't bail unless he wasn't interested in me. I like to pick logic based arguments with and to be able to do that with someone all the time would be amazing

    • Interesting. The emotional disconnect would not worry you? Granted that ISTP are loyal do to one simple reason, lack of desire to look for someone other, which is usually deemed a time waste. Granted that ISTP individuals act perfectly fine as a single "unit".

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