He never likes anyone's profile picture, but he liked mine. Interested or nah?

He liked my profile pic but he never likes anyone's, literally next to no one except a few of his mates. People have actually brought this up to me now after spotting his like. He has spoken well of me, but I can't judge if he's romantically interested. Am I thinking too much or is there a chance he might be interested?


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  • you could break the ice by messaging him and just chat in general. You could judge by how fast he responds and how comprehensive his texts are. If he keeps sending 1 word answers then he might not be that interested. A guy who likes you will want to know more about you and ask a lot of questions once you start talking,

    Don't get too excited though until you have facts, you don't want to end up feeling low if you find out he liked the pic by mistake.

  • no guy gives a crap bout "speaking well about you" if he didn't like you.

    • The problem is I can't gage whether he really respects me or is romantically interested

    • you didn't understand my opinion. guys don't go around talking about girls because they respect them. guys are horny creatures attracted to aesthetics not respectability. if he is talking well about you. he likes you.

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