Out of the blue text from ex/ baby daddy?

"i dont think i'll ever not love you." what i got after he read a card from almost 2yrs ago i wrote him trying to get back with him when i was pregnant with our child. why did he say this to me?


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  • 1. he's just feeling lonely at the moment and you just popped into his head.

    2. He just had an argument or broke up with whoever he's dating right now and he's looking for a rebound to help him get over the argument or break up.

    3. He has tasted the waters and can't find a girl just like you. So he's regretting not working things out with you when you broke up back then and he's hoping you still feel the same about him and hopefully get back together ASAP or in the near future.

  • why did it took him 2 years to read a card. seriously?

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