I give up too easy?

I notice I give up on people/hobbies way too easily... How can I change that?


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  • What makes you quit on them? What is the thing that drives you to give up? If you find the root of your problem, you might find the solution.

    • Always, If something is too hard, I'm just like screw it.

      If I don't see results, I feel like it's a waste of time.

      The biggest one was I loved a girl, but she had a serious boyfriend... I gave up on love and they ended up breaking up. I should have fought and never given up.

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  • Think about why your hobbies or people matter to you. Write down a list of pros and cons about both things. Figuring out that first will help you out tremendously. Good luck! 😊


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  • Why do you quit?

    • Girl had a serious boyfriend, I loved her... Didn't know they would break up

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    • You can't live your life waiting for people.

    • Truee I guess