How to be single and happy?

I've never had a girlfriend before, so it's hard to be single and happy...

I always fantasize about cuddling, laughing, getting close to a girl, having a really intimate relationship, sensual sex...

But unfortunately I am unable to find a girl, it's at a point where I have accepted that I am not going to be with a girl, and I need to move on in life. What ever the reasons for being undateable are, they are there and I cannot and am unwilling change them.

How can I embrace this?


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  • I found that when I learned to love myself, pursue my own interests and filled my life with friends, being single was actually pretty kick-ass.


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  • it's important to find lots of things that you can do in order to

    A) stay busy and keep you from feeling sad

    B) to meet lots of new people (you can't get a girl to fall for you if you haven't met yet)

    C) better yourself as an individual.

    also try and think about what you have to offer a relationship and what you expect in return to make sure that you're ready.

    I wish you the best man! and don't be afraid to put yourself out there and open up to ladies and let them get to know you for who you are :)

    • I guess I don't have much to offer a girl, besides money? What can I offer her?

    • I just noticed that it changed my B ) to B)!

      and you can just continue to be a cool dude and plan lots of cute surprises and think about future aspirations.

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  • If you've never had a girlfriend you technically can't miss what you've never had. Need to not try so hard in finding someone and just let things happen naturally.

    • That's not true

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    • No it means that you can't truly miss it because you've never had it. Nothing about not wanting it.

    • Well I want it.

  • Well relationships are all about compromise and sacrifice. some changes are definitely needed if you ever want to be in a happy relationship. I wouldn't want to date anyone who's hot headed either

    • What kind of changes?

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    • I have none of both your arguments... Like I'm trying to Accept that I won't ever be with a girl, there are too many flaws I have and I am unwilling to change myself.

    • @Anime27 wtf you on bout? you're the one who started an argument by riding my opinion.. if you have an opinion of your own then start your own thread and Fck OFF my comment.. don't be so pathetic!!

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  • It is hard to say...
    Many of Japanese animated fans to still choose to fly to the other side finally
    after touching the reality. They just leave wife alone.


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