Im still missing my ex after a year. Had a mini heartache today for no real reason. Ps I'm female. What should I do?

Today made me realize how much I still miss my ex we broke up exactly a year ago. We have some contact every several months but that's about it. I found out through a friend of a friend he went for drinks on Saturday with his female friend, her friends, and his roommate. I don't even know why I'm freaking out. He does have quite a few female friends so i don't even know why my head is racing. My friend indirectly asked his roommate/best friend if that was his girlfriend and he said "a friend who is a girl but not his girlfriend I don't think". Then she's like so is that early stages of dating or just a female friend? And he said just a female friend. I don't even know why I'm freaking out when clearly he doesn't even have a girlfriend. I'm jumping to conclusions for no reason. I miss him a lot but I feel so out of control. What should I do?


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  • You never had closure, thats why you're hanging on. it's not healthy

    • What do you suggest I do? I don't know. Like clearly he's not dating anyone exclusively/seriously right now. Part of me wants to reach out I don't want to be so vulerrable. We were good friends before we dated too which makes this harder. The last contact i had with him was November and we met up in October.

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    • But the last time we met up was in October. And since then I've done the reaching out. In October I sent him a one line joke and in novemeber I wished him happy bday which lead to a brief convo. Would girls want to even date him? He's not like broke his family helps him house and his house is decent but it's been a long time without a job

    • Maybe I'm taking this too personally but l feel by him not keeping in touch he doesn't value me/my friendship? Which I don't get he always said how I'm such a good friend and trustworthy. What do you think

  • I'm so sorry hear about this, did you guys talk after the break up? Maybe that would help you get over him. Just don't confront him or make him feel bad.

    • Ya we have we met up a month after the breakup. And then we met up in October after months of NC to catch up. Our hangout in October felt normal it just felt like the good old times hanging out again. But I haven't heard from him since November when i wished him happy bday

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    • He knows I'm not longer upset with him. When we met up in October (we broke up end of march) we hung out for like 3 hours he even said he missed hanging out but felt like we needed the break. He hasn't even had a job in almost a year and he's 29 do you think someone would even date him?

    • Do you think I'm overthinking him going out with his friend and his female friend for drinks on Saturday too? Like his friend kinda confirmed it's not anyjint serious

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