How to I handle this possible flake?

I know this girl, I know that I am interested in her and she likely is interested in me. I was conversing with her and I told her I was going to a movie with a couple guys (Her coworkers). They invited me out of nowhere like randomly. I said "sure" then I walked over to her and I told her.

I didn't get to finish the sentence she said, "I'm going". Now I wasn't inviting her or anything at all. I was just telling her that literally seconds before they asked me to come out with them and I said I would. I know she didn't know about this event as they just asked me out of the blue, and she was too far away to hear our conversation. She basically invited herself. No problems. I had no intent to invite her, but I would anyways. I was telling her just to spark conversation.

But then the day of, she flaked. Now nothing was confirmed and I told her to check with them as they are coworkers and I would not be around do so. When is see her again. How do I handle this?
The point is she jumped at the chance. I wasn't even asking. Then she didn't show


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  • She chickened out. She probably over thought it and that got the best of her. She was to impulsive in wanting to go. She most likely likes you and that made her want to go so badly. a lot of women do that. Don't jump to flake until she has done it a few times.
    The only way to deal with a flake is to always assume they might come or will flake. They are never a sure thing so don't count on them going somewhere.
    I have 4 very flakey freinds and I make plans that might include them because I don't know if they are coming or not and sometimes it is the events that they set up that they don't come to.

    • Thats sounds about right. I also don't think her comfort levels are there to go out alone just yet. But it can happen soon. I honesty was just telling her, not inviting her. Then she invited herself. So I said its not what I was asking but sure thats no problem at all. She actually said she was coming along twice in about 15 seconds. I'll just ask like it never happened thats the only thing I think I can do here and just tell her what we got up to.

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    • That makes sense, I do think on some level she likes me. But she's younger and likely in experienced.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Do nothing and say nothing. Act like it doesn't even matter because it honestly shouldn't. You have to accept the fact that that's how some people are.

    • It could be cold feet, or maybe she was tired she works a lot and may just t have gone home

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