Dating within your social network?

How many of you have dated within your social network vs going out to the bar or club. Where would you say the best place to meet a women?


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  • I would not date from my close circle of friends. I would feel uncomfortable. Plus, it would create that third wheeler situation.

  • It all come down to you and the person. I dated two guys from my social network of friends- the first time it was good because we had a lot in common and we hand hung out for while before seeing eachother; it only ended when he decided he wanted to complete his goals and moved away but we ended on a good note. The other time was awkward because we only met once and he asked me out but it didn't go well and for a while our friends were seeing us seperately until I spoke out it was BS and we are not in highschool anymore, he can deal with it. After that it became well again, we just don't mention it.


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