How can I help out a depressed guy I'm seeing?

I've been talking to him lately for awhile now and his depression has taken a toll on not only him, but me as well because of how much he changes in his "depressive states". I'm understanding of it and very patient but I told him one day I needed some time to myself. He was put off guard and he was asking why and told him how I felt hurt and I knew it wasn't his fault, but his depression. After this (I'm not sure if its my fault but happened 2 days later) he is taking the week off work to "figure himself out", and his problems. He wanted to figure out how he can make me stop hurting. Asked him if he needed some time to himself and he said he doesn't know.

His confused and I don't know what I can do to help. Personally, I'm still hurt and I want some time away from him. I stress too much about him as I'm scared if I leave him alone for too long he will have doubts and will think I don't need him. His a great guy and like him for him. I just don't know what to do. His inconsistent with his texts (takes hours to reply back) so I don't know if his loosing interest or he doesn't care about me anymore (that's the hurting part). He doesn't know how he feels and he feels disorientated, so asking him if he cares would be pointless.


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  • Google it your situation is very common


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  • You need to encourage him to seek treatment. If that means trying antidepressants or therapy is up to him and his parents.


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