No one's interested and I'm not sure why. Can anyone help?

I am 5"4 almost 5"5 I have very short light brown hair and pale blue eyes. I try to be polite but I don't want anyone to get "tricked" by how I act when I'm in public and interacting with others. I've thought that a few guys liked me but then they seemed become disinterested. I don't wear makeup or dress up because it makes me self-conscious I already dislike my appearance but that's beside the point. I know that I need to interact with them more but I get shy and start telling myself that I can't do it. I know that it's probably my fault but I was wondering if there were any tips or advice. I would ask friends but I lack ones who care about my problems. Any feedback is welcome, positive or negative I will appreciate it greatly.


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What Guys Said 2

  • you're young you need to wait for the right one, most guys rn dont really care about commitment

    • I know I just have trouble on my own and I can't help but be the teenager I am I guess.

    • just take it slow, trust me no rush

    • be happy doing other things

  • Maybe because you're ugly

    • That's certainly a possibility.

What Girls Said 1

  • At our age, that is completely normal; no guy wants to be in a commitment with someone. And from what you said, you look pretty and cute, so I don't think that's a problem 😀


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