Dating getting harder the longer you're single?

I haven't been in a relationship in almost five years and while for just under two years I was studying and then working full time it's been in the last three years I've actively been dating. For awhile getting past the first date was easy, it was getting to the relationship part that was a bit tough, it would get to the "are we official yet" point and (in my case) these guys would have a epiphany with their lives and decide a relationship can't happen ( one guy decided to move to another state for in uni, another guy decided to go back to uni and a relationship would be hard to manage, another decided to travel ) two out of three remained single and all credited me to helping them make these choices. But for awhile now it seems I can't get past the first date. I try to think how I can avoid the mistakes I made last time and apply it while still being myself but now dates are feeling more and more awkward when I admit I've been single for almost 5 years. I've been trying to remain positive as I can and still do my own individual activities to keep my mind off it but it feels like the longer I'm single, the more complicated it's getting. Anyone else have advice or feeling this way too?


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  • A lot of us in our early 20s are choosing to remain single. There is a lot of pressure for university students to be successful, and a relationship makes that pressure increase because now... You've gotta commit to caring for her, too. Gotta go to the party with her and keep her safe. Moving in together can increase these issues. It's just easier to be in a fling type relationship.

    It's feels like it gets harder, but it's actually a matter of timing. The guys you like just aren't ready yet


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  • Just stay single instead of dwelling on it. I've been single for 44 years (12 if you count a summer fling I had in 2005, ended when she went back to school) and wouldn't even attempt it in 2017 even if I wanted to. Just get some hobbies and a dog or cat, problem solved.


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  • I think that's sort of true. When you're single you feel very comfortable being on your own and you'd rather not change that status. Also, it gets harder for people to put themselves out there.


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