Advice on possible date please?

A female friend and I are going to a Basketball game together soon. I suggested that our group of friends go to a game and she jumped at just the 2 of us going. Its not specifically a date but.. it could be. We have had a few moments which could be signs of there being more than just a friendship between us. Its not clear yet.

So we are going to a game at 8pm and thoughts around this are:
* Should we have a simple dinner out beforehand?
* Game ends at about 10-10.30pm and I was thinking we could grab a drink or 2 in town
* and/or, if fine, we go for a walk along the river
Bear in mind she's an easy-going kind of woman. She is happy with things being simple but nice.

The other thought I've had is: If things go well, whose place is best to go to?
She lives about 20min (by bus) away from town and shares a tiny apartment; I live in another town which is about 60min (and 15€ for just her, I have a pass) by train and live alone in a relatively big house.
I prefer her to come back to my place but understand the cost is expensive for both of us (we are students).

Thoughts/suggestions please


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  • Sounds like a great plan!
    As for whose place is best to go to, I imagine your place.
    You won't be disturbed there.

    • Thanks :)
      If my place, do you think it would be right for me to pay for the tickets?
      When dating I usually pay but as this isn't knowingly a date we have so far split the costs. But by that point it would seem clear that it was a date and my instincts say pay.

    • Do whatever you want. If you don't feel like paying, don't do it. If you do, pay. There is no right or wrong answer.

    • Thanks

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  • I think simple dinner and drink after the game should be good. but small snacks and stuff during the game would be nice. if you get drunk or so it's best to go her place, seems more easier to get there and more safer too.

    • I've never been to a Basketball game in this country but I assume they do the whole snacks thing (my native country doesn't really do it). That hadn't really occurred to me.
      Neither of us drink much (currently Im not at all) so we won't be getting drunk. The buses and trains here are pretty safe and Im a big guy so not too many people are keen to bother me.

      Thanks for your input :)

    • all good. have fun

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