Would he leave me because of this?

I'm 22 now and I've been with my boyfriend for 2 months. I had 2 shorter relationships before him but I didn't have sex or anything. I know that he had longer relationship and did all pf that that i didn't. I'm ashamed to tell him that. I really didn't want to do it with guys before, I could but i didn't.

I'm scared to tell him, because few guys before him made fun on me about it and i really don't want that from him or his guys. We're working together so it would be even worse if we broke up. I don't know what to do.

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  • U saying u want to tell him u don't want to have sex and u didn't before?

    Or u want to say.. look I didn't have sex before I didn't feel it with those guys and that's why am sill virgin but u r different :) and willing to go for it one day?

    1st one is bad ( unless u say u don't want sex before marriage )

    2nd one is amazing any man will respect the woman for that and feels he is appreciated. Unless he is immature

    • second one :)

    • Then u r awesome.
      Don't be surprised if he proposed to u one day.

      And once u 2 are married show him this comment ->screenshot

      " look u idiot u made the right call don't have a cold feet in then isle "

      If e breakup
      " look u moron this type is legendary u only get one in lifetime chance to meet one and u lost it retard "

      Good luck :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Then wait till marriage to have sex. That is what you should just do. If he leaves because you won't have premarital sex then he doesn't deserve you. But you should have told them this before becoming official. They have the right to leave, but not to mock you. Don't feel ashamed. You would have slept with jerks who doesn't care about you, just wants sex obviously and made them your spiritual husbands for what? Then if you sleep with your current one, there is a good chance you will relive all the past sexual experiences through your boyfriend. You did yourself a good favor.

    • Overall, he's your boyfriend now. And you dated and chose him for a reason. If one of those reasons for you is not trusting him and in confiding him in your past insecurities as I had the same problem, just never dated. Then why are you with him then? Because if it's because he was nice to you and you thought he was cute, then I'm sorry, but you're with him for the wrong reasons. And I think at this point if what I said is true, then the problem is not your boyfriend, it's you right now. You have to seriously be mature in this area. Feeling ashames for not basically selling yourself short for these guys let me know that you need some professional counseling. You have to understand your self-worth before ever making such a serious decision.

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What Guys Said 20

  • In real relationships, people respect each other by talking about their concerns, fears, and needs.

  • why he will make fun of you...
    what is funny in that...
    that's your choice...
    í think a person is stupid if he or she leave for reason like this...

    if í will be at your place i will tell the truth..

    a men never make fun on his Lady.. ( if make fun of you... it's mean you got another Boy )...

  • Wait what? I am confused. Your ashamed of not sleeping with your previous bf's, and your concerned about that? If this is the case, this would be his problem. You hold yourself to higher standards and I say good.

  • What? There's nothing to be ashamed off and if any guy you're seeing makes you think that way you should dump his ass, run, and be happy you didn't end up with a psycho

  • Tell him. You shouldn't be ashamed, if he is a really good boyfriend he will listen to you and respect you for the decisions and that you haven't gone as far as he has. It might actually improve your sexual relationship if you tell him, as he knows this then. Plus, the relationship will be better as well, I believe as a relationship is built on trust and love, and listening to eachother. So go for it, tell him!

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What Girls Said 5

  • You have every right on earth to tell him how you feel, what you want, and how this will work... he BETTER not act weird or I swear, I'll get the plane and come to wherever you are and kick his nuts...

    Okay, jokes aside, sweety, you did the right thing until now, and your boyfriend should actually be very happy about this, if NOT then he does not deserve you, but I'm 90% sure that he will actually NOT MIND AT ALL and will find your situation CUTE and will support you :)

  • If a man left you because of a lack of sexual experience he isn't the type you want to be in a relationship with.

    I think it is important to tell someone if you are a virgin if you want to go forward with them so that they know where you're coming from.

  • Let Sleeping Dogs Lie in the Cozy Corner, Here, dear. No Need to Open up a Smelly can of Worms of Anything you Feel could end up a Raw... Deal.
    Good Luck. xx

  • Communication is key

  • tell him


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