Is there any way to reconnect with a friends with benefits/casual relationship to being just friends?

i ended the relationship pretty abruptly about a month ago... i never really got any resolution. after it happened we were supposed to meet up to talk but it never happened and im not sure why...

but now im missing him... i dont necessarily want the benefits back, but i do want to be friends (even though we werent before... i just want to be friends with him)

is this impossible? or will he not even care because all he wanted was the sex?


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  • The emotions of your brain are pretty fickle. Humans are creatures of habit so even being friends with an ex of any sort can bring back those emotions unintentionally.

    • I know and its a risk I'm willing to take... how do I reach out?

    • Try seeing if you can invited to hang out with him and friends together. Don't expect things to be normal right away

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  • I honestly don't think that's a good idea, especially if you were not friends before you got engaged into the friends with benefits situation. You need to move on.


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