Is he just not that into me?

So I have this friend whom I've known for about 8 years now. We have mutual friends together. When I first met him I was separated from my husband and we hung out as platonic friends. I wasn't ready for a new relationship because I was in the process of figuring out where my marriage stood. However, I felt like he had a crush on me and he even asked me what I looked for in a guy. We continued to hang out but it never went anywhere. I had a crush on him too but again wasn't ready for a new relationship. My husband and I decided to give it another shot and my friend and I always remained good friends. Fast forward 8 years later and my husband and I finally filed for divorce. I told my friend and he seemed like he was interested in me but it is very hard to tell. I started calling him and texting him and invited him to hang out with me. He always responds when I initiate contact and always wants to hang out when I invite him. But he never initiates contact with me and hasn't made any kind of move on me. I can't figure him out or whether he likes me or not. Our mutual friends said he did but I I'm not sure if they were referring to 8 years ago or presently. I'm ready to get back into the dating scene. He is still single and I would like to date him but not sure what to do. Our last outing together we went to a dinner and movie and he paid for everything. he admitted he was a reserved guy and he is shy and seems socially awkward at times. I'm not sure if he is wanting me to make the first move or whether I'm simply in the friend zone. if I don't contact him I won't hear from him but when I do contact him he always responds and might even suggest we hang out. It's very confusing. Any thoughts?


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  • I think he likes u :) friend zone no. Coz he paid for everything
    I think he think u friend zoned him :/
    And he might got heart broken once u went back to ur husband. I tell u he is very respectful guy he didn't make a move on u till finished all the crap u been through.

    Even if he don't like u , u should like him.

    • Why do you think he never initiates contact?

  • im int eh middle of doing this exact same thing myself with a girl i really like but as awkward as i have been i can't tell if she knows im interested or not lol. i haven't said anything to forward seeing how it might not be the right time or something and if it is im not getting any signals saying i can ask her for a number or anything.

    she is divorced has a few kids. and it just seems like i could really be into her. but im kind of being way to slow like this guy seems to be your talking about. you might need to initiate the dating thing which is what i think my problem is because im not sure if i should be forward with her or wait till she feels ok with talking to me or something.


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  • Are you certain that he is not currently dating someone else? He has probably gotten used to you initiating all the time, so he doesn't bother doing so. He also might have the fear of coming off as annoying.


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