We haven't texted in over 2 weeks - is it over?

We were dating for roughly a month. I think I screwed up. Whenever we were together, he was quite open about liking me: He told me (casually dropped "I like you" in a conversation - I didn't notice until later), found ways to break the touch barrier, complimented me, etc. The problem is, I think he thinks I'm not interested. I don't have much experience with dating, so I don't flirt. I get enthusiastic about things he says and ask questions, but in hindsight I treated him like I would any of my friends.

On our last date, I was getting frustrated. He would deflect my questions with jokes or sarcasm. Ex: He asked what I did that week and I told him (another thing - one of the things he says he really likes about me is how I'm always exploring/trying new things. But another part of me thinks he gets jealous/insecure knowing I can have a good time without him). Then when I asked what he did, he was extremely vague, saying he didn't remember or just "chilled"/"napped." I asked about what he's interested in, and he came up empty. Half-kidding, I told him I'd almost prefer if he was a crack addict than have no interests at all.

The rest of the date he joked about me ditching him to go on dates with other guys, because he'd seen my phone with a bunch of texts from my (mostly male) friends. There was a lapse in conversation where he admitted he didn't have anything to say. Annoyed (but hiding it), I texted a guy friend who wanted to hang out agreeing to meet up, told my date, "I'm gonna go," and left. Neither of us has texted the other since. I know I screwed up. Is it worth fixing? I feel guilty because I missed so many signals: The first time we hung out, he joked about me being "too cool" for him. My friends are mostly male so when they inevitably come up in conversation, it annoys him. I made him insecure. But at the same time, am I wrong to be irritated by him not being forthcoming about his interests/what he does in his free time? Is he actually just that boring?


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  • Half as long as you dated its long over honey


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  • Nope, that is not worth fixing. You should move on. He sounds sort of boring anyway.


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