My ex won't give me my stuff back?

We was getting married we was arrange thing buying thing and even trying for a baby just out of the blue she dump me didn't give me any explanation at all I try no of time text her and message on fb for my thing and hope we can be friend sake of the kids but no reply next time I know is she contact the police and had pin on me for harnesses her but all I did was ask for my stuff she block me till now she open new fb but I can't even message me stuff I left was my daughter blanket it was her favor and my headphone which was gift from my mate that died she knew all this but if she want nothing to do with me why can I have my stuff back?


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  • Tell her you will get services involved if she doesn't


What Guys Said 1

  • No idea man. The fact ur situation so serious and u posted on this site shock me. Coz :/ let's face it here mostly about this 15 year old have crush on his teacher and can't ask her out..

    Anyway good luck man. But maybe have some big problem and she prefer u don't know about it. Like a cheat or psychology problem. Or she used u. Many many explanations can be , no way to pin down the possibilities


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