Really need a second opinion as I'm confused! Is my rush dating someone based on convo below?

I was trying to see if my crush, Bob, was dating anyone. So I was talking with his best friend/roommate, Dylan, super casually who told me he and Bob met up with Bob's friend (whose female) and her friends on Saturday for drinks. I asked Dylan is on Bob was out with his girlfriend on Saturday. He said he was "with a friend who is a girl but not a girlfriend I don't think". Then I asked "Lol what does that mean- early stages of dating or just a female friend?" And he said female friend. Does that just mean a friend whose female? I know he does have a lot of friends of the opposite sex anyhow. I'm kinda confused. What do you think? Is he or isn't he dating someone? Dylan has no idea I like bob so I feel he would be honest and has no reason to lie. It's just weird how first he's like not a girlfriend I don't think then when i asked for clarification and he didn't say dating just a female friend. thoughts?


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  • Dylan probably has zero level of certainty here. Therefore you also have zero level of certainty. Try asking another of Bob's friends or just watch him and this girl and see how they act around each other

    • I don't see them much. But Dylan has legit nothing to lie about. If he thought they were early stages of Dating wouldn't he just say that

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    • Best friends don't always tell each other everything immediately, especially if they're not looking for advice. I'm betting that Dylan really doesn't know. But maybe he's curious now and will find out, or you could ask Dylan to find out without mentioning you

    • But as a roommate wouldn't he see if she's spending lots of time over and such? Maybe I'll ask Dylan again in a few days. So you really think he doesn't know? Like if it's been a few months I feel he would be clearly even if there is something it must be new. Or maybe it's just a female friend indont know. He has a lot of close female friends

  • You're being paranoid. I must ask you this. Does Bob know you like him?

    • But Dylan is his best friend and roommate lol. Wouldn't he know of all people? Bob nor Dylan have no clue I like bob. Why did Dylan first be like I dunno not a girlfriend I don't think then when I asked if they are dating or just a female friend he just said female friend.

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  • How exactly does that confuse you? He meant a female friend. How is that so hard to understand?

    • Because at first he's like not a girlfriend I don't think. He didn't dismiss right away which is why it's confusing. But when I asked for clarification if it was a girl he's dating or just female friend he said female friend. That's why I dunno

    • He said the exact same thing twice, how can you not understand that? Both times he said "female friend" or "a friend who is female".

    • I know but I was just confused cause he had a little hesitation at first saying "not a girlfriend I don't think". But when I asked for clarification he said female friend instead of early stages of dating.

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