Dating advice for a guy that is clueless?

I guess I am little bit discouraged. Lately I don't have time to go out to the bars or clubs to find a girlfriend. For awhile now, I wanted a girlfriend and I know I am a pretty good catch. The only thing that I feel like hinders my dating life is my height (5'4). I know I might have been obsessing over wanting a girlfriend for awhile now but, the problem is no one has came in my life. If there were the occasional dates I would be fine with it but, no I never had any of that. The girls that I thought had a pretty good connection were either taken or was not interested. It just sucks you know, I feel like I have to be someone who I am not to find someone which I don't want to do. I don't know if any girls similar frustration with dating but, for me these are my current frustrations. I know for a fact that if a girl took the time to get to know me they would want to date me, the problem is why isn't this happening? Can anybody give me any advice?


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  • if she likes you she will show signs of interest


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  • Well, the first thing I recommend is don't obsess about it. It's okay to want a girlfriend, but don't let it become an anxiety or a desperation.

    As for height, I don't think you should let that hold you back. For what it's worth, my high school track coach was about your height and I was pretty terrified of him for a while, and I was considerably taller than him. Think of yourself as "fun-sized" rather than "short". But actually BE fun too.

    It's definitely good that you have that confidence that if a woman got to know you that she'd be all over you. Keep that up. Ask yourself this though. How do you communicate that to them? How do you interact with them? Can women see that confidence? If you're selling, are they buying?

    You need to know what you're looking for in a woman also. Once you know that, you'll know how to sell yourself better.

    I also wrote a myTake a few months ago with some other (hopefully) helpful bits.


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