I would like a guy if he was more popular and I feel terrible for thinking this way, what should I do?

I have baby feelings for this guy, and as soon as he started to like me back, im noticing that the feelings I have for him become more distant. He is very very very attractive to me, but a bit on the nerdy side. Not boosting my ego but people consider me very attractive, but it's not like i'm this popular thing at all, i'm known by many people, but not "popular". I feel bad because I know this guy is sweet and I feel like I would like him more if he had a higher social status. This is CRAZY RIDICULOUS and i don't know why I feel this way but its making me feel so sad that this is the way my brain works. What should I do to get over this thought?


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  • I reaaaally don't understand girls like you. I mean, come on, what does a guys social status have to do with anything? If he's sweet, he's sweet so go there and get him! Social status won't get you anything since you're under 18, being popular at school just makes a pressure on you and makes you feel that you have to be a tip top person for everyone to see so that they don't judge you. That is obviously deeply brainwired into you since you scale attraction by their social status. You should really think about cooling in down a bit with all the "being popular" thing. There are many more things to think about in life, meaningful thing. I'm sure that nice guy will bring you more joy and happiness that being popular.

    • That is SO TRUE and thats why I feel bad for feeling this way because I know how stupid it actually is. I think I have severe commitment issues and maybe subconsiously this is my way of protecting myself...

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    • OMG YES, but i notice that some guys, (and im totally not saying you), but some guys don't know how to talk to a girl so they will go up and act awkward and sometimes it can even come off as creepy... true story. So my advice would be to just go up and talk to her and be like skrew it, I'm just as worthy to talk to her as she is to me. Go in with kind of a sexy confident attitude even if you dont feel it, fake it. Hopefully this helps:)

    • Just be like, Hey, i've seen you around, I think you pretty cute, what's your name? But i'm telling you CONFIDENCE is key!!

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  • I Know How You Feel And I Feel The Same Way You Feel Like He'll Mess Up Your "Reputation" And Since You're So Attractive People Would Expect Better For You? May Be Keep It Lowkey Talk To Him And Don't Let Anyone Find Out Until y'all Are Ready... Hell I don't know 😭😂😭

    • HAHAHAHA thanks girl, for now I'm going to keep it on the DL and i'll see if anything happens from there

    • ❤ After a while you're going to be like fuck it I want him if anybody can't stand our relationship then have a seat

    • Damn straight, lolll thnk youuuu so muuch;)

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  • this happens with teenage girls. Otherwise why would they go for older guys? I am sorry but you have to see his personal qualities instead of social validation about the guy.

    • I agree 100% and like when high school is over, no body is going to care about who was popular and who wasn't

    • yeah so you decide what to do.

  • Hypergamy at its finest. Also, people usually say girls are attractive even when they aren't to not hurt her feelings, which ends up inflating their ego to believe they are better than what they really are.

    What to do: Think about yourself as an ugly girl and him being the next Mark Zuckerburg (creator of Facebook), or say fuck it and move on.

    • I just want to add: It is completely normal for women to me hypergamous, so don't worry about that.

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    • If it is just the way he dresses, ask him out on a shopping date and point out what you think would look good (sexy as you call it) on him (You don't even have to be dating). But don't force him to wear it. Be like "Hey, I think this one would suit you really well! Wanna try it on?"

    • Ohhhh thats clever. THNK YOU:)

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