Is there a way to know if a guy is not just using you?

I know this sounds like a childish question to ask, but every time I get the feeling that someone truly likes me and cares about me, he just ghosts on me. How do I know that I'm not being used for sex? Especially, since I distrust everyone and see red flags in everything based on my past experiences?


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What Guys Said 2

  • You never will know until it becomes super obvious. That's what trust is for... You have to choose to give it

  • When a guy love you 4real he will do anything for you, if he wants sex it's normaly easy to see, we are horny fuckers but it realy depends of the situation

    • What are some red flags I should look out for?

    • If he protects you, he Cares about you, he talks about stuff that je says to no one like his father died stuff like that

What Girls Said 1

  • -If they are only up to talking sexually with you, they only want to get laid with you.
    -If they constantly ask you go to their apartment to "chill" they want to have sex with you.
    -If they only talk to you about their sexual experiences, they want to get laid with you.
    -If they flirt or talk to other chicks while you're out with them, they only want sex.


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