Online dating : what's the best action here?

So I meet this girl over internet on Chating website and things went great between us , we exchanged emails so we could talk later on in privacy , we had many common interests and everything was great but the thing is she was shy and I had to talk to her first and we talked almost daily , after 6 months I started to hint about how I feel until I finally mastered the courage and confessed to her , she tried to dodge the subject at first but when I insisted she said she never been a relation before and she is not sure about being in a long distance relationship beside she only sees me as a friend , after a month I told her my feelings again and she's said the same thing she said before , we still have a great relationship but I really want to take it to the next level so I decide to travel and meet her so do you think guys that might change her mind and I should I keep my distance for now to make her miss me or something?

Thanks for your help


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  • No. She doesn't like you, she sees you as a friend, you can't make her see you as something else. If you keep your distance, she is going to miss you but as a friend, not as something more.


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  • online dating doesn't work. it's just that simple

    if u want to make things work, u should have plans to meet each other in real life in a NEAR FUTURE. also, after the 1st date, planning other future dates and eventually planning of living near to each other

    • The best action is to meet as soon as possible and hope for the best?

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