Guys, I feel he being pissy and I am acting stupid because i'm not used to it?

Love talking politics with him. I got confused about something and he got pissy but we continued talking though. We always had like that respect factor that we try not to break but yeah he got pissy. It happens with politics but he didn't have to get so snippy. And today the convo was dry asf. We were always so chill. Something he loves doing is sending me news articles everyday and we talk about it. I sent him somtehing today and he's like it just not that interesting its blah blah. I was trying to start a convo. I ended it with saying i'm staring at something amazing implying one of his pics. It's just he was never dry and I don't want things to dry up and i feel i looked kinda desperate with my last comment. I don't know I am not hitting him up he could reach out. I just feel stupid. I like him so much and I usually don't act dumb like that with him but it just happened. Not sure if it's dumb i just feel weird


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  • You know, politics (and religion) are one of those things that can get people so worked up. I mean, I admit that I can get caught up myself at times. I'd just give it some time and not stress about it. I think it's sad that you sent him a news article and he basically declined on talking about it, but I think you should just give it time and you two will start things up again. Having someone to talk politics with is pretty special and I feel for your loss, but at the same time, it's one of those subjects in the world that always carries that risk of alienating friends and acquaintances.


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