What's is getting grounded and what does it have to do with starting a new relationship?

Just had a 1st time date weekend with a girl I've been chatting/texting/skyping for 2 month from out of state and flew in from a couple of states away to meet for the first time. I planned out lots of activities in and out of the bedroom. At one outing while having a drink she mentioned things have changed from the first time we started communicating two months ago and she mentioned she'd need a 1 year to ground herself before being able to handle a guy like me. She said she had some issues to resolve but did not share them with me other than she need to work on herself. This is 180 degrees different than what she told me 2 months ago when we just started texting each other. But since our weekend together we still communicate daily throughout our days, sometimes still video chat. We are planning weekends #'s 2 meeting half way, 3 flying to see her and 4 her flying to come back and see me again until the end of the year. It's grown from merely sexual, physical, spiritiual to emotional connection as well, something she didn't initially anticipate. We are connecting on many different levels and are exploring if we could have a long term relationship but at the same time we are not exclusive to each other even though we have had unprotected sex all weekend long like if we were. Neither one of us has had sex with other people in 2 weeks since first meeting. So women, what is this grounding all about if not to say she needs her space but regular communicates from morning til night everyday? What do women do when they say they need to get grounded? She's only had 2 long term relationships and stays friends with them since breaking up with them. One of them is her roommate and the other she feels obligated to because he helped her so much in fixing up her house. I can understand being friends with the parent of your child but just to be friends to have someone to do activities with without having sex with them is rather odd to me especially if they were having sex before.


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  • She is with you till she finds someone else. She simply considers you an option. If she was in love with you, she would be enthusiastic enough to pursue it.


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