Social media break whilst dating?

This guy that I like was supposed to come round to see me yesterday. I told him that he can come late as he told me previously that he was busy, but not able to stay the night. At the last minute he made an excuse and said that he hasn't finished everything he was supposed to do for the day, so we should meet up another time. I didn't say anything but I was upset so the following morning I put up a hot picture as my display picture. Later that morning, he had a picture up saying that he's taking a break from social media. In between that time, he has watched my snaps on Snapchat. Should I send him a message to see if he's okay or should I leave it and allow him to have his break and wait for him to contact me first. I'm still a bit upset about him not coming round. I didn't have a reaction when he said that he could not come round and simply responded with okay and the convo ended


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  • This seems pretty petty. He ran out of time, and he told you upfront and honestly. It's not like he stood you up, or said he didn't want to see you so I don't really understand your reaction.
    It depends exactly on the photo, but if you're dating him but still flaunting yourself on social media as a form of retaliation (which is what your post basically says) then I wouldn't want to see it either.
    I'd follow up with him and try to get over it


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