Do you think is ever too late to make a good change in life? And lady, s&men would you date someone who a work on life goals?

So 23-25 has a job as a nursing assistant, has paid for college in full, has a car but isn't on the road yet. still lives with his or her, s family but pays rate. Everyone seems to love this person who is general a nice guy or girl who always looks out for others and can't look away when someone needs help you can see this person is motivated to be someone but in the past let other, s stop them from reaching their goals and you feel this person is too good to be true. By nice I mean treats everyone with basic human respect even if they are not 100% respectfully back, holds the door up for everyone. Generally listen to what you have to say but is a introvert so can't stand to be around a big group to often. Would you date a guy or girl like this?


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  • It is never too late!


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