Does the game work? Is dating and pulling a scientific and predictable process?

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  • I would say reasonably so. There are very complex variables whenever we deal with the social realm, but one could adopt a scientific mindset to this, develop hypotheses, and conduct social experiments to validate them. At some point there are ways to come up with results that can be replicated with a reasonable degree of success.

    As a case in point, I've discovered personally through testing that going to a night club with a tall, handsome wing-man is a bad idea. Even if he's trying to hook you up with girls, the girls will typically go for him. I've replicated these results repeatedly with similar outcomes.

    Likewise, take a short, unpopular kind of socially inept wing-man and the opposite happens. You end up getting all the girls even if you're trying to hook him up. I've found this to also yield results that can be repeated.

    My hypothesis there is that there's something along the lines of "relative attraction". Standing next to a very attractive person can make you look relatively less attractive while standing next to a very unattractive person can make you look relatively more attractive. I can't elevate it to a theory level and I haven't bothered to attempt a paper, but there was definitely a scientific mindset behind it.

    This becomes relatively apparent with "tall/short". Put an extremely tall man next to a man of average height and the man of average height will not look average, he'll typically be perceived as very short.

    A scientific mindset beats just poking about blindly in the dark anyway, unless someone is a natural at this and can pull girls left and right without even thinking about how to most optimally do this. Lastly it's helpful to think in terms of probabilities of success/failure instead of a more black and white way.

    • If nothing else I think it can mold an individual to adopt behaviors and do things that didn't naturally come to them. The antithesis of that mindset is, perhaps, "Just be yourself and you'll meet someone special." A scientific mindset would experiment and try different things and develop hypotheses about what works and what doesn't work. It wouldn't just keep doing the same thing and hoping the results will eventually change.

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    • >> The problem is attracting women is the only process that isn't taught for some reason.

      I think the bigger problem is that it *is* taught by people living in fantasy land. We get taught to some degree through watching romantic comedies, reading romantic fairy tales, etc. in our youth. The problem is that it's all wrong! :-D If anything, a lot of what they teach here is about as wrong as it gets, but we have a general lack of higher authorities to supersede and replace that faulty knowledge.

    • I think it also offends people because it makes them seem as if they are easily manipulated. But in my opinion, whether we like it or not, we can't get away from our basic animal instincts and reactions.

  • Yes and no
    There are scientific reasearches about attraction and they can maybe guide you a bit but all in all it is important that everything is natural and the behavior is fitting to you. There are also a lot of individualistic factors. Social intelligence is needed too
    But I never really tried it I just know that there are studies about attraction so I think there is some truth about it

  • It doesn't work. I have no game and get all the girls.

    • You clearly do have game then.

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    • Maybe that is game.

    • Haha, if you call that game then maybe I am a good gamer.

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