Why I can't fall in love anymore?

I'm 23 years old and I only fell in love for real when I was 1, with a guy I used to hang out... I do not feel anything for him today, but I remember how I felt when I was with him until today and the feeling was very intense.

I dated two guys after that but I never really fell in love with them (like thinking about them all day , getting butterflies on my stomach, etc etc) I only liked them a little and I ended breaking up with them in a short period.

I want so much to fall in love again... like feel a real passion, not a warm feeling.
Am I never going to feel it again? I am worried on ending up alone because of this situation 

16 years*


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  • You fell in love when you were 1 year old? I think you need to edit or re-post this.

    • I just did it

    • Nothing else will ever feel like your first experience with love. If that is what you are expecting, it will never happen. The love that you felt at 16 was idealistic, perfect, and you created it in the image that you had for a perfect love. Mature love works differently. It builds slowly but it becomes intense as your relationship grows. Get back into dating and follow your heart but don't expect to discover teen love; you are no longer a teen.

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  • No one knows if you're ever going to feel it again. Worst part is that I know exactly what you're talking about. I cannot fall in love easily as well.


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  • Because you operate and act on passion.

  • When the chemistry is right you will again but I don't think you put the right number down for when you fell in love the first time unless you were an infant


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