I'm dating a new guy now he is 32 and we have been on 3 dates so far generally how long should it be before he asks me to be official with him?

The 3 dates have been over the span of 3 weeks. We generally see each other once or 2 times a week. He lives about an hr from me and with both of us working and me in school we are limited on the times we can see each other. I belive he would see me more if given the chance. He seems genuine and is honest as far as I can tell. What are your thoughts? Im 22 by the way


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  • I think that this probably will take longer due to your age difference. My husband is 10 years older than me. I met him at 23. He always felt like he was going to deprive me of some kind of life experience or that I would eventually want to go play around. It took a while for him to be comfortable with the idea of our age difference.

    • He openly said to me our age differencell didn't matter because he thinks I'm mature for my age

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    • It was a while. I contributed, though. I was not really looking to be in a relationship with anyone. I did not even want to date. He tricked me by telling me that he just needed someone to be his friend and show him around town. LOL. But he later shared with me how much he struggled with coupling up with me even after he really started to care for me because he was afraid I would flake on him.

    • Lol well I really like this guy I hope he doesn't take too long... he and I had dinner then things got a tad steamy after. Just making out and a little touching I hope he doesn't just want me for sex or something although I did kinda hint at dirty stuff through text the other day lol... that's so cute of your husband I bet you guys are the cutest couple!

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