Girls, I have a question to ask?

If a random guy messaged a girl on Facebook and she responded back multiple times does that mean she's cool with the random guy talking to her? I'm caught in this position right now where I met a girl on FB who went to my undergrad university and she took the same program, I messaged her on Facebook about school and politics and we've had a back and forth conversation.

I just don't know if she has a boyfriend and I don't want to ask that question because to me then it would seem I only messaged her about her status but truth is, yes she is pretty but she also has good intellect as well and I think that's a plus. I don't know where to go from here? Do I gradually talk about little things like "when did you finish university?", "do you plan to do your undergrad studies?", "what do you volunteer in?" kind of questions?

You may be wondering, well do you want to be with her? Yes and no, we have not met so I can't judge a book by it's cover. I am talking to other girls at the moment and that's all it is, just talking. I am not 1 of those players who goes around trying to sleep with every woman. But there's nothing wrong with having a girl who is a friend because you never know if that person may be someone special, thoughts?


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  • I know for a fact that some girls just reply back to facebook messages to be nice. So be careful with this. Straight up ask her in a polite way "Do you have a bf?" Good luck dude! If you need any more help just message me!

    • would you message random guys on FB?

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    • No guys are not put off when a girl messages first. I think girls tend to sugar coat a little bit when they say looks don't matter, looks matter to everyone and that is okay if a person is attracted to a person for different reasons (i. e: intelligence, sharp features, tall, chubby, w. e. I know a pretty girl who dated below average looking guys and I thought I was better looking than those guys and it bothered me, but as I got older I didn't care as much.

      Even the question I asked you about the girl on FB, my approach now is if it works out, great, if not, keep trying and keep looking. I've had my opportunities with different girls, some of them I f'd up on my own terms which I can admit and the others didn't work out because those girls were immature or stuck up and that's life, we all have to learn. I'm just saying at the end of the day girls are courted more because that's just how it is, but if a girl keeps rejecting guys, she may be 40 years old 1 day and regret her decisions.

    • What you said is kinda true. At the same time, it's also true that guys (some) are scared of a girl who knows how to stand up for herself and IS independent. Trust me I have messaged guys first a couple of times and it didn't end well.

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