What counts as a date?

This might be a stupid question but what counts as a date exactly? In movies we often see the typical norm that counts as a date being a. 1 on 1 meet up for dinner or a movie or some kind of picnic that is typically at night, but does a coffee in the morning or afternoon count as a date for example assuming it's 1 on 1 (guy and girl alone, except if they are gay people obviously)? Is it the fact that you're alone with a guy or girl somewhere that counts as a date or does it have to be at night at a specific venue?


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What Girls Said 1

  • When two people are initially interested in each other and decide to give it a chance to get to know each other better in order to see if it will work out between them.


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  • I think about this way: If 2 people, who are attracted (or at least interested) to each other, it being away from the normal everyday scenery (ex school, week, bars etc), and they planned to meet up, it is a date.


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