Which of these 3 choices of partners would you pick?

and for the sake of this scenario what I mean by matching up with is who you had the most in common with an attraction to outside of material things. meaning your attraction to that person physically, meaning how close they were to your physical ideal and your attraction to that person based on their personality, meaning how that person made you feel when together and how well you got along. so basically those percentages are your estimate of that person all things being equal as far as wealth and possessions. and the reason I only went as high as 90% is because is impossible to find a hundred percent match because you know we're human and stuff.Which of these 3 choices of partners would you pick??

  • A wealthy person you match up with 40%
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  • A person of modest means who you match up with 60%
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  • A broke person who you match up with 90%
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  • I picked the last one

    • I have a feeling that it will be mostly guys who pick the last one.

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    • yes they don't mind voting they just don't want to actually have their name next to that s***

    • Yeah they didn't even try to come on anonymous either , lol

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