Is his religion stopping us being together?

I'm an atheist girl and this guy I've been speaking to is Muslim. We both like each other- but I guess its kind of skinny love as he won't tell me his feelings about me to my face- only to mine and his friends. But I was wondering if we were together would it work considering our different religions? My family isn't strict about dating or anything but I know Muslims are not supposed to date before marriage- so could this be what's stopping him? (I've asked him about this before and he said his mother wouldn't mind but his father would). He's also told me he would date before marriage, but does that mean always keeping me a secret? How should I deal with this, I really like him! Thanks x


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  • if u love him u should.. and if he loves u.. u both must try to get marry but mostly people want to change ur religion... em also Muslim (dating a strange girl is stricted in Islam ) but Shaitan can make people foool.. u should ask him for a cofee or offer a long walk to discover him


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  • I'm Muslim so I know a thing or two about this situation lol. We're not allowed to date, but most of us still do. It depends on his upbringing, how religious his family is, and basically his OWN personal mentality. I say you speak to him about it, be frank and to the point. And keeping it a secret? I mean yeah, some keep their relationships a secret since they don't want gossip around the community and all. Just talk to him tho, the questions you are asking us, just ask him.

    • He's told me his dad is against dating before marriage, so if we were to date would he hate me? sorry if I'm being stupid lol

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    • @Asker hope the best for you guys ❤

    • @Mad_Folks lol ig

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  • Just know that due to Muslim tradition he might feel obliged to convert you.

  • go ahead girl ask him
    date him


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