Would you undate your ex if you could turn back the time?

I would if I had an ex. Lol
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  • No. It was a good experience. Was really shitty at the end but that's what made it passionate. When couples break up in a mutual way, it just makes me seem like they are both boring as fuck.

    My ex was bipolar. She was hot as fuck. We had crazy ass fights. Her dad and mom both physically assaulted me at one point. She told me she was in love. We talked about getting married at one point. We were both obsessed with each others looks. We had amazing sex. She was bat shit crazy. She turned me on. She cheated on me when I was in the military. I nearly beat the kid who she cheated with into a coma. I nearly went to jail. She had mental breakdowns for years because of me after I left from what I heard. It was... intense. It ended a very shitty way. Having said that, it was a hell of an experience. I guarantee you that she will never forget me and I guarantee you no other man will EVER be able to fuck her the way I fucked her and I know she will be fantasizing about my cock imagining it was me with her future husband. Like I said... it was intense.

    • I never understood why guys beat the man their gf/wife cheated instead of beating their gf/wife. like wft? Did that man cheat on you or your gf? lol

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    • @redeyemindtricks I still have emotions and you of all people know that about me ahahah. Not saying I'm a robot. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if she knew of my GAG account. Like I said.. the bitch was crazy af. Let me check out this opinion of yours. Prly end up giving me a fucking boner like half your sex opinions do.

    • <3 <3
      I will also take this opportunity to point out that... of the opinions you've said that about, exactly 0 have actually been super explicitly sexual (I find it hard to *write* too explicitly without making it sound corny).
      It's that EMOTIONAL lightning, that's doin it. Who knew.

      Love, boy. Sweet sweet burnin' dirty love. It's gna hit you like a ton of fucking bricks.
      Oh yeah.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Only because If I never would have dated him then I wouldn't have found some really nice friends. :)


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What Guys Said 2

  • All my dating experiences helped develop the person I am today.

    • what did it teach you?

    • How to interact with women, act in relationships. Gave me sexual experiences and taught me what kind of people to avoid or get close to.

  • yes...
    í really want to do that...
    my first relationship... that's my first relationship too... after that í never entered in any relationship again...
    í trusted her more than anyone and anything... becuase of that...
    i know í cannot love anyone again...
    í wish could... í really want to do that...


What Girls Said 1

  • No. They all gave me learning experiences.

    • what did they teach you😧

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    • but you guys do love each other, right?

    • Yah but it's complicated. We can't date for legal reasons. And we both know we love each other, even though we haven't said it but I can tell because the signs are all there and the way he looks at me. I'm pretty sure he knows because he's smart. And we've already decided we'll date once I'm 18 but I don't know if we'll last that long. Especially since we have to stop seeing each other in June for legal reasons.

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